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An Analysis of Active-Duty and Veteran Military Members involved in White Supremacist and Violent Anti-Government Militias and Groups: 2017-2022

Anne Speckhard & Molly Ellenberg[1] Executive Summary Seventy-two cases of active-duty and veteran military members involved in white supremacists and violent anti-government militias and groups located in open-source reporting from 2017-2022 were compiled and analyzed on 17 key variables. Researchers…

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Police and Violent Extremism

Anne Speckhard & Molly Ellenberg On September 1st, 2022, Thomas Webster was sentenced to ten years in prison for his violent actions at the U.S. Capitol Hill insurrection on January 6th, 2021. Webster was convicted of a variety of felonies,…

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The Law Doesn’t Apply to Me

The Spread of the Sovereign Citizen Movement Around The World ICSVE Guest Research Report Dr. Christine M. Sarteschi as published in Homeland Security Today Sovereign citizens are anti-government, loosely affiliated extremists who deny the legitimacy of their respective governments. Illegitimate governments,…

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