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International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism – Europe  (ICSVE-Europe), headquartered in Brussels, Belgium—the heart of the EU, is the sister organization of ICSVE in the U.S.  ICSVE-Europe supports CVE professionals, security, law enforcement, intelligence, academics and other professionals in Europe fighting violent extremism and terrorism inside Europe and at its borders.

ICSVE – Europe – Announces it has been awarded a grant from the EU Civil Society Empowerment Program

ICSVE – Europe, in concert with their associated consortium partners, Beyond the Horizon and DERAD, are proud to announce they have been awarded a grant  from the European Commission’s Internal Security Fund’s Civil Society Empowerment Program. The grant entitled Breaking the ISIS Brand Counter Narrative Project entails working together with ICSVE to create counter narrative videos of European defectors, returnees and prisoners who served in ISIS but became disillusioned. These will then be spread online throughout Europe in Facebook campaigns (with the generous support of Facebook which is also an ICSVE partner in fighting terrorism globally).  ICSVE has found again and again that these insider stories are some of the most powerful ways, particularly when the insiders denounce ISIS as un-Islamic, corrupt and overly brutal, to prevent those about to enter, and begin to dissuade those already on, the terrorist trajectory. Likewise ICSVE-Europe and their partners are building out ICSVE’s website with this grant, including the newly created videos and adding resources in Europe for those seeking help to walk away from groups like ISIS. ICSVE-Europe, with support from its partners, will also be creating a training manual about how to use the videos, with study guides. The consortium is also providing police and security trainings throughout Europe.

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