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Winning against al-Qaeda and ISIS: The Case for Combining Deradicalization with Disengagement Approaches in Prison and Community Programs Addressing Former and Current Members of Militant Jihadi Groups

Anne Speckhard, Ph.D., and Ardian Shajkovci, Ph.D.  PDF here INTRODUCTION Even after decades of military efforts and loss of human lives on the part of western governments against terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, and most recently ISIS, these interventions have proven…

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Abu Qatada: The “Spiritual Father” of al Qaeda in Europe reflecting on Terrorism and the Future of the Middle East as Trump takes the U.S. Presidency

“Let me be honest, I am now much more quiet in the way I talk, but inside me—honestly I’m much more violent. And I am convinced that it’s embedded in me that this world is dirty and it is increasing in its dirtiness, and the dealing with it is only with the dirtiness forced upon us."
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